Secrets to Downsizing My House

What every senior needs to know about selling a house and downsizing into an apartment or smaller house.

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Secrets to Downsizing My House

Are you considering selling your house and moving to a new place that fits your current lifestyle needs?

Is your current house too large to maintain or have stairways and steps that make it too difficult for you to maneuver about your house?

Are maintenance costs for your house just too much for your current budget, forcing you to consider your downsizing options?

My book, "Secrets to Downsizing My House", will help you with these complicated issues to give you the necessary information and tools you need to make your transition as Stress and Hassle Free as possible.

By reading "Secrets to Downsizing My House" you will be equipped with the knowledge to make your move less stressful.

Here are just some of the items you will learn by reading my book:

Preparing your house for sale
Options for selling your house
Challenges with selling your house
Realistic expectations you should have when you sell
Working with potential buyers
What happens if your house doesn’t sell
What to do with all the “stuff” in your house